SUP and Kayak Rental in Goto



SUP Rental



Lesson  &  Rental

The lessons starts with paddling instruction and a brief intro class at Goto International House, Ohama.  We’ll talk about safety and basic stroke technique. Next, we’ll walk (2 minutes) to Ohama Beach where you’ll launch your board, practice paddling from your knees, and practice standing up with the help of an instructor. After you feel comfortable, you can head out along the coast.  The instructor can help capture photos of your SUP lesson.

1 Day Rental

For people who already have SUP experience and just want to rent the equipment. After a safety explanation and basic instructions, you can paddle and explore independently. 

1/2 Day Rental (2.5 hours) – 6,000円

What’s included:

  • Paddling instruction
  • SUP Board
  • Paddle & Leash
  • Life Jacket 
  • Water shoes

Multi-Day Rental

  • 24-Hours – 8,000円
  • 2  Days – 12,000円
  • 3 Days – 15,000円
  • 4 Days – 17,000円
  • 5 Days – 19,000円
  • 6 Days – 21,000円
  • 7 Days  – 23,000円
  • For more information about multi-day rentals contact: or 070-3517-8932


Kayak Rental



Single kayaks are a great way for to explore the coast.  The sit-on-top design makes it easy to jump in & out of the water


1/2 Day Rental (2.5 hours)  6,000円

What’s included:

  • Paddling Instruction
  • 1-person Kayak
  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Life Jacket
  • 1 Pairs of water shoes

Double Kayak Rental



The double kayak is the most popular rental designed for ease-of-use and stability. Two people working together can be the most efficient way to explore.

For paddle instruction and guided experience, minimum price is 5,000 yen per person. 


1/2 Day Rental (2.5 hours)  5,000円* 

*Price is for 1 person

What’s included:

  • Paddling Instruction
  • 2-person Kayak
  • 2 Paddles
  • 2 Life Jackets
  • 2 Pairs of water shoes

SUP and Kayak Rental + Extra Stuff 

Snorkel Sets & waterproof bags & Cell phone case

Rental – 500円

Borrow gear to explore independently while you SUP or Kayak